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Salomon Tiong Bahru Urban Trail Run

3rd place and all I got was this lousy medal … ;D
Nice little run this morning after yesterday’s long session .. the run was a relatively cosy affair compared to the normal over-subscribed local events. All the volunteers were lovely, especially the older aunties and uncles who were marshalling the route. The event was well organised and there was no danger of going the wrong way with volunteers at every turn making sure runners were on the right route.

It was a little different to the normal road runs, incorporating several overhead bridges (stairs!), part of Mount Faber, the Henderson Wave and yet more stairs. The run included the new Marang Trail along the way, although I must admit I didn’t really notice where it was! The ice footbath service at the end was very welcome though. All in all a steady run on a slightly challenging route. Placed 3rd in just over 51 minutes, the men’s winner came in at 40 minutes and change, and the women’s winner in over 49 minutes. Desert King placed 3rd as well .. off to Salomon to spend some vouchers then! 😀