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Happy trails :D

Out on the trail today!
Had a brilliant run on the Macritchie trail this afternoon, a steady 10 miles with very little pain .. woohoo! My ribs are still sore but I think I’ll have to put up with it for another couple of weeks.
Ran with the new Salomon pack and it’s absolutely brilliant! Nothing moved, fits like a glove and comes with more bells and whistles than you could dream of. Big thumbs up! There’s only a 5 litre space in the pack for a spare jacket or other kit, but it’ll carry 1.5 litres of fluid, has stretchy side pockets and two bottle holders in the front. It also comes with two extra kit pouches that velcro on. So if you use the bottle holders to stash your favourite things, it’s quite a tardis really. It’s even got pole holders which I’ll try on my next run. This is a pack for minimalist long runs and races, perfect for the Sabah Ultra-Trail Run in April! 🙂
I’m so tickled about being able to run again … I’ve had a cheshire cat grin on my face all evening! Seeing a physio tomorrow to try and suss out what’s popped in my back, so fingers crossed it’s nothing serious. 
Might be able to rock up for King of the Hills Mountain Marathon in Sai Kung (HK) next weekend, I’m still thinking about it … we’ll see what the physio says tomorrow! Anyone else going? 
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Start as you mean to go on

What a brilliant start to 2011. A lazy lie-in to start, followed by a leisurely hour in to pool to wake up. Then a steady 12 miles on the trail, the first 4 in scorching sunshine and the remainder in the sweet respite of monsoon showers. I love running in the rain!

Here’s my racing schedule for 2011 if time and money were no object:
North Face King Of The Hills, Hong Kong (30.5km)

North Face King Of The Hills, Sai Kung (37.4km)
RTI Hong Kong (65km)
Sabah Ultra-Trail Run (60km) – signed up, yay!
The North Face 100km Australia – waitlisted
Sundown Ultra (100km) .. only because it’s local!
Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (166km) – awaiting confirmation .. this is THE goal for 2011!
Gore-Tex Transalpine Run (300km) .. like I said, if time and money were no object! 🙂
The North Face 100km Singapore
Great North Walk 100s (173km)
Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon (21km)
Coast to Kosciuszko Ultra-marathon (240km) .. this is next on the list, an akubra is way cooler than a finisher’s tee!
If I even manage half this list I’d be delighted. Drop me a note if anyone’s got any races to add or suggest, or if anyone is planning to do any of the above, always good to have some company!

Ah Hwee’s chicken wings are always a great motivator!