MARCH-ing in!

Phew! There’s no rest for the wicked and yet again it’s been a very hectic few months, not ideal to start the year, but better busy than never! 😉

January started off on a great note despite a busted knee, and my newfound unemployed status was a welcome change that didn’t last long! First it was the nail-biting HK4TUC, then it was The Parentals Flash Sale, followed by HK100!

So easy to get carried away at sales …

Being roped in to be do the social media updates for the Vibram HK100 was so much fun, following the leaders and everyone else out on the course was some inspiring stuff!

Singaporeans in Dim Sum land!

Hopes of starting the year off as Ultrarunning Tai Tai (lady of leisure) didn’t quite go to plan with the offer of a big freelance project in Singapore. It took all of two weeks, but we’re talking 20h days, here …

Coupled with an exciting shoot for Fox TV, it goes without saying I was more than ready for a break.

Sunset drone shot at Ma On Shan … can’t wait to see the final cut!

Chamonix and the gorgeous off-piste powder beckoned (who says you can’t do trails in the snow!), so off we went! The Beast and I fell foul to a debilitating flu a few days before leaving (typical!), so we spent the first couple of days making feeble attempts at getting our ski legs back and drinking as much chocolat chaud as possible.

The Beast kicking up a powder storm

We were signed up for a ski touring course with Chamonix Experience, excellent service as usual and the lovely Fleur was our guide all week. She made sure we had the best possible snow conditions, and it was an awesome course that I’d recommend to anyone! A big plus was having Salomon trail running star Claire Price on the course with us, and the long-suffering Pete, who drew the short straw having to put up with the shenanigans of three trail runners. One of the best ski trips so far, Chamonix is my happy place all year round!!

Best ski group ever!

So what’s next? There’s so much about to happen that I’m not sure I have time to be a tai tai at all .. 😛

First up, KOTH Sham Tseng this weekend! The fabulous fraulein Nora Senn has convinced me that we should just turn up and run, and so we will! With Translantau 100km in a few weeks (2?? Is it only 2 weeks!!!) and then Anzac Ultra starting Easter Monday (450km single stage on the revised course now!), I’d better get my ass in gear pronto!

I have a feeling that 2015 is gonna ROCK!