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Squeeze me, please!

A while ago I posted a piece on compression garments, mainly calf, quad and arm sleeves.

It’s been over a year since, and there’s been a veritable explosion of compression apparel in the market, trail running in particular. Salomon’s trademark honeycomb design has been applied to tops and shorts, with others following suit. Wille from The Runner’s Gait asked me to trial the Compressport Trail Running Shirt Tank, but since I’m a Salomon ambassador, it fell to The Beast to put it through it’s paces instead instead.

Winning RTP Sahara 2010. Photo credit: RTP
Winning RTP Atacama 2011. Photo credit: RTP

For those who don’t already know, The Beast is Anders Jensen, desert running champion turned trail-beast. he’s had to sit out racing for the last year or so due to injury, but watch this space.

He’s been using the trail Tank for the last 3 months and in a nutshell, he loves it. Anders is a Salomon fan, and has been wearing their compression tops for years, and is no stranger to the concept.

Here’s what he said:
“It’s really light, you hardly notice you’re wearing anything. It fits well and is extremely comfortable, important to get the right size though.”

That’d be the seamless, ultralight microfibre torso and Ergofit construction (knitted to fit the contours of the human body). So far, so good.

“It does keep me relatively dry despite the humidity in Singapore, but ventilation and wicking effect is more noticeable in cooler / dryer climates.”

So the Ultra Ventilation Mesh, proprietary Thermoregulation 6.6 weave and Hydrophobe water repellent fibres get the thumbs up too.

“The compression effect is subtle but effective, they should make a long sleeve version for recovery!”

That means the D-Stress Zone (the short collar without stretch knit doesn’t make it feel like you’re being choked and puts no added tension on neck and shoulders), Hemless finish and patented Massaging Fibres all do the job.

His only complaint was that the top had a tendency to ride up after 20 mins of running, but he did think this might be due to the material of his shorts once they got sweat-soaked.

The Compressport team  at Craze Ultra 2013, nice kit! Photo credit: EuGene

Final verdict? “Great piece of compression, pressure in all the right places and you hardly know it’s there. I’ve noticed less fatigue in my back and neck too.” Thumbs up, then! 🙂 

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Workaholic week

The Woodcutter crew looking lean and mean

Balance of a mountain goat, me.

It’s been ages since my last post. The last few weeks have been filled with back-to-back work and training, very little sleep and a severe lack of time to think. Not that I’m complaining .. lots of work is always a good thing, but I’m completely and utterly knackered.

Looking forward to the Sabah Ultra Trail next weekend .. at last some time off!
Last weekend was the 2XU Compression Run – 12km on the flat. Rocked up knackered from a long day at work, but it felt good to blast the cobwebs away and feed off the general race atmosphere. It was a similar route along Marina and Kallang as all the other short races use, and the cloud cover and slight drizzle prevented the day from getting too hot. Kept it steady since I had to clock 12 miles for the day. Overall women’s 9th place in 52:30, then ran another 10km home to clock the miles.

Gender specific medals at the 2XU run

This week just gone has been another crazy packed one, and finally managed to get out on the trail this morning with some of the other ultra-runners. I was introduced to some new routes and we all ran the Woodcutter’s Trail for the first time as well. Thoroughly enjoyed the run today, lovely muddy trail with river crossings and lots of exposed roots, and nice to know that there’s a different trail to explore!

Trail paradise? Mosquitoes are optional.