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Where has the time gone?

Wow. It’s been nearly two months since my last post .. and so much has happened in that time.
After my last post (TNF Blue Mountains race report), I headed to Hong Kong for work and some trail running. Wasn’t really sure how my foot would hold up, I’d been off running for 4 weeks by then. Last visit to the physio before I left and he said I could do a couple of runs … well, ok. He said I could do one run and take it easy, but maybe it would be ok to do another one if I rested a day or two in between. Oh, and I also got a new pair of shoes .. as recommended by Simon the Physio … the Brooks Cascadia 6. I’m not meant to be running in minimalist shoes till my foot is better. My lovely Inov-8 X-Talon 190s are still languishing in the box! 🙁
Cascadia 6, fresh out of the box!
 I only managed to explore the HK Trail (no time to go further), and got a couple of runs in. The second run was better, mainly because I had Mat as my tourguide. I met Mat in Sabah during the Ultra-Trail (where he was in the lead until an ankle injury). So lucky for me he was still running slow, or I’d never would’ve been able to keep up!
Views of the Bay from the HK trail

Well sign-posted!
Lots of stairs

Had a great time in HK with all the amazing food and catching up with friends, and a great couple of test runs to make sure my UTMB aspirations were still (almost) on track!

BTW, didn’t think I would like the Cascadia as much as I do .. they’re a nice grippy shoe which work well on most surfaces and don’t feel too padded out. Still prefer my minimal shoes, but these are definitely growing on me!