In Remembrance – Mr Lee Kwan Yew 1923 -2015

Photo credit: Straits Times
Feeling rather emotional today watching Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s body being transported to Parliament House amidst the crowds.
Link to the Straits Times LKY live blog and videos here.
There’s a genuine outpouring of respect and grief, a true sense of loss and sadness that I am sharing with my fellow countrymen, sorry that I cannot be there in person. He stepped up in difficult times and played a key role in making Singapore what it is today, for which I will be always grateful. 

I grew up knowing that I could achieve whatever heights I set my sights on, regardless of gender, race, language or religion. That I could swim, cycle, run or rollerblade at anytime of day or night and still feel safe. A minor detail, but one that meant a great deal to me. 

For better or worse, you made Singapore your life’s work right down to the little things. 

I thank you, Sir, for all you have done for us.

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