SOS – Save our Sprint series!

The recent Bonaqua Action Asia Sprint Sai Kung. Photo: Action Asia Events 

There’s uproar in the Hong Kong racing community of late.

Veteran events organiser Action Asia Events has been running their Sprint Series for 16 years. Now, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) have announced it will no longer issue any permits for these events.

These events have not only promoted healthy life styles, fitness and community in Hong Kong, they have also raised much needed funds for charity. The first sprint series raised funds to build a school for young children in Nepal, other events raised funds to provide outings for Hong Kong’s disadvantaged youth. Hundreds of people join these events each year, to explore Hong Kong’s amazing natural beauty and to come together for fitness, fun and charity.

If the AFCD go ahead and cancel permits for these events then this could spell the beginning of the end for Hong Kong’s rich trail running scene. With HK’s youth are already facing many problems of obesity and inactive lifestyles; the Government and AFCD should be taking extra steps to support events such as the sprint series, rather than spending their resources pouring concrete onto Country Park trails. 
Please help save the Action Asia Sprint Series and all future trail running and hiking events in Hong Kong by signing the petition below.

Click here to sign the petition.

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