Gearing Down To Rev it Up

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It’s been an exciting weekend with the culmination of some major races in Chamonix, skyrunning in Kima in the brutal G5N in neighbouring Malaysia. I don’t think I slept much watching the highs and lows of my fellow runners on the race progress page, nail biting at times!

It’s now a little more than 2 weeks to the Vietnam Mountain Marathon, and regardless of the distance you’re racing, it’ll be time to start thinking about winding down training and getting more rest.

I’ll be there, together with fellow Singaporean Adrian Wong, as the photo & video crew. We’ll do our best to catch every runner along the course, if not at the finish, so have your game faces ready!

Getting ready for a race is important for every runner, everything from tapering to rest to kit sorting and mental prep.

Here’s a few things you might want to consider:

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1. Taper.
Reducing mileage and intensity the fortnight before a race (shorter taper required for shorter distance races) helps rest your muscles and give them time to recover and rebuild in anticipation of the coming challenge.

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2. Eat well.
Carbo loading or not (I don’t believe in carb loading, but decreasing activity with food intake at a constant should have the same effect), make sure the calories you’re getting are from wholesome, nutritious foods. Your body will need the nutrients to repair and damage while you’re resting (See point. 1). Or think of it this way: would you put diesel into a Lamborghini? …

Wonder if they do bulk sales ..

3. Focus.
Being mentally prepared is key, so sit down, look through the race details and envision your running. Think about why your reasons for finishing and write them down if you’re likely to forget. it’s at our lowest points that it can be hard to find motivation, and a simple reminder can work wonders. think about how to deal with unexpected obstacles, fatigue and injury.

4. Pack ahead.
Nothing worse than arriving at a race only to find you forgot something vital. I have a race packing checklist that I print before every race and use to make sure I have everything I need. Better too much than too little, as you really never know what might happen!

5. Share the love.
Once again we’re collecting clothing and footwear donations for the local community, but this time, we’re also asking for school supplies for the local school children Linda Dabley, who ran the inaugural 2013 VMM and is also entered this month, will be teaching in Sapa for 3 months. She would be most grateful if we could help a little with getting the kids some decent kit and materials. English reading books (for ages 3-16), colour pencils, crayons, notebooks, pens etc are all welcome. A small cash donation ($5-10) can be given instead and we will purchase the items in Vietnam (which probably works out cheaper.)

I’m flying Singapore Airlines to Hanoi on 18th Sep, so for those in Singapore, do drop me a message / text / Whatsapp / FB message, etc if you have anything to donate. I will be happy to carry it over if you’re not going to Sapa.

We will arrange with local runners to help transport items too, please message me for more details.

Countdown to VMM starts now, can’t wait to see everyone! 🙂

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