More adventures!

On the trail to Chiang Rai! Photo: Sebastien Bertrand

Right, I’m still behind on race reports for the inaugural Vietnam Mountain Marathon, Lantau 70 and the Salomon X-Trail run so they will be coming in due course! 🙂

By the way, entries are now open for the Vietnam Mountain Marathon, which now includes a 10km category to encourage more local runners to participate. Sign up, it’s a great race! (My race report is in the new Asia Trail magazine!)

Today I head to Chiang Mai, meeting up with Sebastien Bertrand, Sylvain Bazin, Janet Ng, Tarmo Vannas and Marc Fortier-Beaulieu. We’re about to embark on a 7-day recce of a new trail from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, information can be found on Facebook, under Thailand Mountain Trail. This is Sebastiens pet project, and may be the start of a fantastic event next year, stay tuned!

330km, 16,000m elevation, 7 days … see you all on the other side!

I’m super excited and looking forward to making some new friends, and the prospect of new trail is just too good to be true! I’ll post when I can on my FB page, and a story will be out in the next issue of Asia Trail mag too 🙂

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