Where did the time go!

It’s just over 5 weeks to TDG .. my last post was eons ago, a clear indication of how much time I haven’t had to do anything but work. Oh dear. I been  training but it all fell apart a few weeks ago, the added toll of very late nights, early mornings and far too much travel. I’m only just getting back on track this week, Matt’s been great at not overloading me, but it seem s to have crept up rather quickly and all of a sudden TDG is looming bigger than ever.

Well, I’m making some changes now so we’ll see if they take well. And I’ll make a concerted effort to post updates from this week on. but for now, it’s 2.35am (early for once .. I’m usually one by 3.30am) and wakeup call is for 6am so I’ll try to make the most the extra hour of sleep then.

Here we go!

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