Back from the dead!

La Vallee Blanche .. awesome off-piste ski day!

Radio silence is over!!

I realise (again!) my last post was early December .. but really, so much has gone on in since then I’ve been so busy at work and play that I’ve neglected to post anything for a while.

This first quarter of 2013 has been pretty awesome so far, with some stressful, hair-tearing moments, but generally good!

Here’s the highlights of what’s happened since my last post:

1. Work schedule went bonkers again!
2. Back in Europe for Fashion Week in Jan, snow and freezing temperatures …
3. Matt Coops is now my coach, very glad to be part of the 2013 Ultramade team!
4. Entry for Tor des Geants was accepted … see point 3. 200 miles and 24,000 D+, better get myself sorted out.
5. A very much needed R&R holiday in Chamonix skiing my legs off, eating too much cheese and being very happy.
6. Work goes crazy again …
7. Throw in Christmas, New Year, three stitches, a couple of scrapes and a lot of jet-lag, that pretty much sums up the last few months!

Fashion Week in the snow 🙂
More fun in the snow at altitude
The steepest slope I’ve skied so far!
Guess who was on the same flight home from Geneva!

Just a little scratch ..

Chilling in the Crossmax and Sense in the snow 🙂

Im absolutely delighted with life so far this year, despite the severe lack of sleep and looming mountains of training .. there’s so much to look forward to! Even though my racing schedule looks a bit sparse, I’m admitting that I can’t do it all the way I expect to .. there’s not enough time, money or energy on my part for the moment. In the melee, I often ignore family and friends to cope with all the things I’ve chosen to put on my very full plate .. and I really don’t want that to happen anymore. I want this year to be full of love and laughter, a freedom my heart craves and being with the people I love around me. To share their lives, rather than just sharing mine.

So here’s a somewhat belated toast to 2013, may it be full of family, friends and adventures of the very best kind! 🙂  

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