Red Bull gives you wiiiings!

It’s been an eventful few weeks since TNF100. A bunch of us entered the inaugural Red Bull Flugtag in Singapore, and The Amazing Flying Baboons (that’s us! Obviously the result of a whiskey-fuelled night!) had been hard at work building our awesome Baboon Air bi-plane. The boys did most of the building and let me play with the staple gun once in a while, not that I’m complaining .. I’m better off styling the costumes and being bossy with the Red Bull Control Tower team!

Baboon Air? Check!

We were totally stoked and we were all pretty sure our plane would fly. Plane and giant banana? Check. Baboon costumes with big red asses? Check. Very excited pilot with GoPro camera strapped to chest? Check!

Here’s the video footage from the GoPro .. I take no responsibility for what I was yelling, adrenaline has a lot to answer for.

A broken spar on the platform trolley (happened on the way up the ramp!) didn’t allow us a full speed run-up .. that and we kept veering off to the right! A stop halfway down the runway to re-align didn’t help either!

Hamming it up before the day

Time really seemed to stand still when I took off .. it felt like I was flying for a good while before the plane took a rather rude nosedive. The tail had hit the ramp without me knowing and it wasn’t till I saw this video playback that I worked out what happened. What a shame! The banana Plane really felt like it was itching to take flight, and I’ll bet my last frozen margarita that we would have flown a pretty decent distance if all had gone according to plan!

Post-crash: Sunburnt, knackered and looking forward to a massive jug of margaritas!

We consoled ourselves with cheering the other teams after us, and lots of frozen margaritas at the afterparty though! 🙂

I’m pretending to be a baboon whilst Colin wears his patented ice-hat

Best bit? being on the front page of The Straits Times on Monday morning, woohoo!

And here’s what you would have seen from the beach …

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