Salomon Synapse – The First Natural Motion Hiking Shoe

About 10 days ago, Salomon brought the media together for the launch of the Synapse Asphalt. Being Salomon, this wasn’t any ordinary press event .. the Synapse was introduced to us by way of ‘The Hungrier Games’.
We all donned a pair of the Synapse (also comes in a female specific fit, perfect!) and were ushered off to a pavilion in Bishan Park. After a short briefing and a practice session, the Games began. In true Hunger Games style, we had to run and search for hidden laser tag guns, then ‘kill’ everyone … last (wo)man standing was the winner.

The torrential rain at the start of the Games really did test the grip and comfort of the shoes, particularly since we had to play undercover on the void deck of some flats. When the rain eased we were able to expand our boundaries to the park itself. Running, dodging and sprinting for cover the Synapse felt super comfy and I never once worried that I’d slip on the wet floors. It was quiet, too .. sneaking up on people to shoot them was never easier! 🙂

Kudos to Salomon for an adrenaline filled afternoon .. it really was great fun, and the perfect demo for the Synapse. 

Taking aim at The Hungrier Games

The laser tag was very kindly provided by John Lim of Tag Team Inc. The crew were informative and helpful, and the game really appealled to us competitive types!

The Synapse Asphalt is the first dedicated hiking shoe adapted for Natural Motion, designed to  move
fluidly on a variety of surfaces and terrain, provide cushioning and flexion, but are extremely light.
The Synapse Asphalt comprises three unique elements. Dynamic Ride, a very light OS Muscle provides light, flexible cushioning. OS Tendon adds rebound into the sole to keep you moving from stride to stride.
The next element is called Dynamic Traction, a combination multi-directional grip and staggered, reversed lugs help maintain full contact with the ground for great traction on any terrain or surface. Add a high abrasion rubber compound, and the Synapse will grip to everything from scree to rock to soft ground and mud.
Finally, Dynamic Rolling is created when the first two elements combines with a high heel drop. The sensation is that your shoes help your feet keep going, a little faster than they otherwise might.
Synapse Asphalt – Ladies model

The upper is made with welded Sensifit and Quicklace, providing precise fit, outstanding foot hold and easy adjustment. There is a toe cap and mud guard for protection for good measure.

“When we started looking at the trend, and seeing the kinds of people that train in the mountains every day, we realized that today’s mountain athletes like to mix it up,” explains Anne Deroulede, Product Line Manager for Hiking Footwear at Salomon. “From bounding down a rough trail to scrambling over rocks to moving very quickly over even terrain, we wanted to create a shoe that excels at all of these
things, but maintains the Salomon DNA of fit and precision. Synapse is the solution for the kind of mountain practices we will see more of in the next few years.”
Priced at $209, the Synapse Asphalt is exclusively available at Salomon store @Velocity, selected World of Sports and World of Outdoors stores.

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