Getting back up to speed

Sunset in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

I realise I’m not very consistent at this blogging lark, given the huge time lapses in between each post, and I put more regular updates on my Facebook page. This blog was started as a kind of training/racing diary for myself and a way of sharing my racing experiences with running friends and acquaintances without having to organise a get-together or repeat myself several times over. It also gives my sponsors (Hammer Nutrition and Salomon) a little more exposure, and I always endeavour to be as honest as possible in my kit reviews.

I’m way too late to post a review of X-Physique, a local adventure race, so I’ll just say it was great fun and very well organised! I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if you’re looking for a taste of multi-sport events.

Team Hammer Nutrition – first place in the mixed pairs category. Yay!

The last month has been crazy again, most of it spent gallivanting round Europe for Men’s Fashion Week. Despite my best intentions, I only managed 2-3 runs each week .. all of them on flat terrain. If anyone knows of hilly trails in Milan, Paris or Berlin, please let me know! I’ve already checked out the Parc Buttes Chaumont, my only hilly option in Paris at the moment!

What I do for work!

So last week was spent clawing my way out of some serious jetlag, and also diving into my first week of proper training. I’m back on track with Pete Roper again, and he’s sorting out my training schedule for the next half of 2012.

Due to work constraints, I’ve had to streamline my races a little, so now the next main event will be The Most Beautiful Thing 100km in Sabah. Following that would be the TNF100 here in Singapore, and then the Powerman Duathlon Malaysia in November. No idea what possessed me to sign up for Powerman, but it’s done now so time to dust off the bike and get some saddle time in!

Hammer Athletes and friends just having  blast πŸ™‚

So while I’m getting stuck in hill repeats and back-to-back runs again, what’s occupying my thoughts most of the time is FOOD. They don’t call me Fat Bird for nothing! πŸ™‚

The last couple of months I’ve had to knuckle down and face my demons. Several years ago I was diagnosed as having an intolerance to egg, gluten and lactose, three of the most prevalent ingredients in the modern diet. I’ve respected and ignored this in equal measures over the years despite knowing better, and lived with the constant fatigue and other symptoms as if I didn’t have a choice. Being Singaporean, eating plays a major part in everything, particularly major life events, and it’s difficult to say no to all that lovely food.

Like food much?

… and it’s not easy being an endurance athlete that can’t eat pasta, bread, eggs and milk! There are other athletes out there with similar food issues, so hopefully my following posts will be of some help. If not, just dig into your Pink Peppercorn Crab Linguine or freshly baked Rustic Loaf with a pat of salted butter (I’m not jealous … whatever gave you that idea..) and give thanks! πŸ™‚

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  1. Bonjour!
    In paris, you can run at the Parc de Saint Cloud. It is a nice place just outside Paris.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Alex! πŸ™‚

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