In the blink of an eye ..

Sunset in Kalpitiya

Just realised my last post was a month ago!! I’ve really been that busy and there’s half a dozen pending posts to finish and update, including my Sabah Adventure Challenge race report, Compressport reviews and the X-Physique race report.

I’ve been all over the place the last few weeks, sidelined with a chest infection after SAC (left it too long before I finally went to the doctor :P), then in China for work. Another couple of crazy weeks full of shoots and shoot prep, then in Sri Lanka for a week of kitesurfing. Phew!

Team Hammer Nutrition rocking Compressport R2s at X-Physique

Had an awesome time kiting, then straight back to do the X-Physique Adventure Race. This week’s been packed again, and I’m off to Sabah and KL this weekend to help with some race clinics for the upcoming ultra in Sabah, The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT).

More details coming when I can .. I promise! In the meantime, all the other ultra folks have been very busy too! Loads of races have been happening over the last few weeks including the 200km Special Forces in Sabah, Ultra Trail Mt Fuji, TNF100 Blue Mountains, and this weekend its the Sundown Marathon. Well done everyone, and all the best for the weekend!!

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