Time to get muddy

It’s the Sabah Ultra Trail this Easter weekend and I’m looking forward to it, despite all the kite gang being in Pranburi enjoying sun, sea and nice flat water. If the weather’s anything like last year, we’re going to be in for a lot of mud and hopefully a great time out on some gorgeous trails. As usual, Perpetuem will be my fuel of choice .. the strawberry-vanilla flavor is my favourite by far!
 It’s a chance to test out the Speedcross 3 on some decent terrain, and the S-Labs are coming as backup for Day 2. The Sabah Adventure Challenge will be running concurrently as it did last year, so lots of people to catch up with this weekend! 🙂 The race is 60km over 2 days, and this year we’re based at the Mersilau Nature Resort. Back soon with a full race report! 
Compressport ForQuad, R2 and ProRacing arm sleeve
I also picked up some new compression kit from Compressport at The Runner’s Gait, the ForQuad (Quads) and the R2 (calves), if they work well I might have to back and get the whole range of colours to match my running skirts. I’m going to trial the Pro Racing Arm Sleeve so I’ll say a little more about them after the weekend. Think I might be coming home with some very strange tan lines .. and here’s hoping the mud will wash out of the white bits! 😉 

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  1. You have fun at the race… bring back a shiny trophy that says #1 will ya, then we pour champagne into it and drink from it like in er.. Wimbledon, no wait .. F1 .. well you get the idea!

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