2011 in retrospect

2011. That went by quick. In retrospect I’ve had a great year, doing the things I love, surrounded by the people I love. I’ve managed to tick almost all the things on my bucket list for the year, best of all having finished UTMB in one piece. I’ve really tested my limits this year, learnt when to throw in the towel and when to hang on by the skin of my teeth.

Forged new friendships, strengthened some old ones, and laughed till my sides ached. It must be a positive sign when I look back on the year and all I recall are the good times. Of course there were a few blips, but that comes with the territory and nothing that made a lasting impression. All good, then!

New Year will be ushered in with my madcap family, and the first two days of the New Year will be spent kitesurfing (and praying for good wind!).

See you all on the other side!

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