King of the Mountains

Photo credit: Charles Chua @ A Thousand Words

Best day ever!

I had the opportunity to interview Kilian Jornet today (THANK YOU, SB!!), and spent a blissed out 45 minutes chatting and taking pictures with the man himself. Also thanks to Julien for the translation services! 🙂 A private interview with the world’s top trail runner .. a chance of a lifetime!

I presented him with a giant jar of Nutella for his birthday (he turns 24 on Thursday) to break the ice, and proceeded to try and find out what he’s really all about. I can’t say too much about the interview just yet, but I can say that Kilian has truly impressed me with who he is and what he believes in.

Greg Vollet (former world-class XC MTB racer, and Salomon Global Outdoor Sports and Community Marketing Manager ) with Fatbird and Kilian Jornet 

Kilian has now won all the races in the Salomon 5 Races / 5 Continents project this year – the North Face 100 in Australia, the Western States 100 in America, the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc in Europe, the Table Mountain Challenge in South Africa, and the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon in Malaysia. He’s now due for a couple of weeks off before he hangs up his running shoes for 6 months and dives into the ski mountaineering season. His philosophy for life boils down to enjoying every possible moment. He’s living his dream, now go live yours.

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  1. Great blog! I like your perspective on running. What's your favorite race?

  2. Thanks! My favourite race will always be the next one I'm about to do .. no two races are ever the same, especially for ultras, so the best is always yet to be! 🙂

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