Time out

Fresh banana bread!

The past week has been quiet work-wise …  a nice change since things haven’t let up since I got back from UTMB. Unfortunately my immune system decided it was time for a break too. A decidedly lacklustre 3hr run mid-week left me feeling more than a little wrecked. I think the exhaustion finally caught up with me and I spent the next two days feverish, aching all over and not inclined to do much at all. Not fun at all.

So I baked.

And cleaned (not much)!

Washing day!

And then last night one of the boys sent a text asking if I fancied a 3am trail run .. maybe I wasn’t feeling so bad after all!

So a very enjoyable 30km this morning, a hilarious encounter with a rabbit (ask Sean! :D), and finally the fatigue that’s made me drag my heels all week feels like its lifting. Great to see Ultrababe Paulina, Khaliq, and all the usual suspects on the trail this morning .. and huge congrats to Paulina and Khaliq on their podium finishes at the F1 Tour de Trail today!

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