1 day left!

View from Aiguille du Midi
Climbers on the ridge

Here we go, nothing for it but to get my head down and do it .. I’m absolutely bricking it, but also excited at the prospect of the UTMB experience. Allez!

The summit .. 3845m

Desert King is here, unable to run due to injury, but a great companion up to Aiguille du Midi this morning to take in the sights at 3845m altitude!

Icebreaker stand at the expo
Testing out some Hoka OneOnes

Caught up with loads of people today, the town’s buzzing with nervous energy and the CCC runners are headed off tomorrow morning, then it’s our turn at 6.30pm.

Kilian and Scott 
Seow Kong & Gavin

I’m resigned to the fact that it’ll be cold and wet to start so this evening will be spent sorting out all my kit and making sure I’m prepared for the worst.

The summit .. 3845m

Doubt I’ll be posting anymore till after the race .. stay tuned for a report … given my track record that’ll be a month from now! 🙂 Thanks for all the well wishes and support so far, I’ll be doing my best to come through!

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  1. Are you a pro photographer? Wow its really breathtaking…make me wanted to do UTMB next year..but then again it will take a while to build up 170 km trail/mtn run.Probably CCC instead. Your blog is inspiring!

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