2 days to go …

My timing chip 

 It’s Wednesday today. Rocked up for race bib collection this morning and the queue was already super long. The whole process took nearly 2 hours, but was extremely well organised. I am now the proud owner of a timing chip on my wrist. The runners of the different events have different coloured bands.

Queue for race bib and kit check
Still queuing inside the Centre Sportifs
 I thought the queue was long when I got to teh Centre Sportifs at 10.20am .. bib collection started at 10am. A few minutes later the queue was nearly twice as long! Everyone waited very patiently despite the scorching mid-morning sun. Once inside the Centre Sportifs, it took about 20 minutes to get attended to. There were multi-lingual ushers at every point and they made sure everything went smoothly.
Race number 3256
Well organised bib collection 

First you got verified and handed over 20 Euro for your electronic timing chip. In return, you got an equipment checklist that doubles as your receipt. Then you head over to kit check, where all your obligatory equipment is ticked off the list. Then you get a little red cable tie that shows your kit has been checked and approved.

Time penalty list
It’s been lovely weather here apart from a spate of rain on Monday evening .. not the best start for the PTL runners .. but I’ve just seen the weather report for race start on Friday (6pm)  .. thunderstorms predicted! Not the most promising start especially as it gets dark at 8pm … but if I can get through till Saturday morning in one piece then that would be great.
Weather forecast for race start
Heavy rain on Monday evening

Will do my best to update over the next couple of days … I’m getting nervous now and hoping everything will go smoothly .. Safe and in one piece will suffice! 🙂

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