4 days and counting ..

Yep, 36 degrees Celsius .. that’s at 4pm! 

It’s Monday today, another scorcher .. it was 36 deg.C in town yesterday, and the ice-cream queues were crazy. I’ve been told this isn’t normal weather (obviously last year’s race is a testament to that) .. but the locals have said that July was a washout so they’re glad for a proper bit of sun at last. I’m glad it’s hot,  hopefully that means the temperatures at night won’t be too severe .. but I have to be prepared anyway .. at an extra 1000m above sea level it could be a different world.

The river’s looking a bit rough today ..

The Petit Trotte de Leon starts this evening .. 300km and over 25000m of elevation … now that’s crazy. The town’s starting to rev up even more .. I’ve never seen so many pairs of Salomon S-Lab 4‘s in one place! The ‘salons’ are being put up for the sponsors village .. I can feel more spending in store!

Fresh alpine water taps .. just turn the handle at the top

I’ve seen posters up for L’Ultra Sieste (The Mont-Blanc Ultra Siestas) scheduled for Tuesday and Saturday .. hilarious! It says to take part, just bring your hammock, a chaise lounge, cakes, drinks, music, games, books, etc .. whatever you like .. and don’t forget a good sense of humour .. maybe I should do that instead!

I didn’t feel too good over the weekend, but after a nice run this morning it feels like things are falling into place at last. I think it was a good idea I arrived early for a little R&R in Chamonix .. today my body feels like everything’s finally starting to fall into place. Altitude acclimatised at last! (Took long enough!)

Went to the Chamonix Adventure Film Festival last night .. I think the previous day’s program would have been more suited to my tastes, but a good insight to some of the adventures of some extreme free skiers and rock-climbers, and nice to meet them in the flesh as well.

Love his gardening outfit

Well, 4 days to go and I’m starting to get my act together ..

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