Le Brevent … 2525m above sea level

Cable car to the summit, Le Brevent
Meal with a view


Didn’t have a great night’s sleep due to Friday night shenanigans going on in the street outside. My hotel (Hotel Richemond) is in a great location in the Chamonix town centre, and the price you pay for a room facing Mont Blanc is the street noise. There’s been live music every day in different places, all of which have been pretty good. This is the first time in a week that the noise has bothered me.

Elected for a steady run/hike today to Le Brevent (2525m) to try out all my new kit. So with a full pack and new 3/4 tights, I get a lift in the cable car to the top. I know .. I should have run up, but it’s amazingly hot .. (late start!) and all the advice I’ve had so far is not to tire myself out. Who am I to argue?

The views are spectacular, and the initial plan was to run the Lac du Brevent loop and carry on to Planpraz, the intermediate stop on the slopes before the summit. My run didn’t quite go as planned. The route to the lake was not runnable … sloping downward and strewn with loose rock .. it was like trying to run on the moon, and I had to settle for a fast hike instead. I stopped to take pictures along the way, and there was a man swimming across the lake .. you can see how small he is in relation to the lake .. he must have been freezing! It was a very scenic spot though, so I sat down with a Hammer bar to toast my spectacular surroundings.

Heading towards Lac du Brevent
Spot the swimmer!
My Cascadias covered in trail dust
Like running on the moon

On the way back I lost the trail and ended up going ‘off-piste’ to get back on it. Before I managed that I had a standoff with a couple of mountain sheep .. not my finest hour! I waved my poles and they went around me after some consideration.

Ewe lookin’ at me??

Back at Le Brevent, I’m not feeling great, guessing it’s the heat and altitude combination, and I elect to just get the cable car back down.

As I’m writing this I’m still feeling inexplicably wrecked, have a headache despite a camel-load of water, and I’m off to bed. It’s 7.30pm here .. hope the extra zz’s will sort me out. Shame though .. the Adventure Film Festival is on and tonight Kilian’s Quest is showing .. and the man himself is meant to be there, if his Facebook post is to be believed! Oh well, can’t win ’em all, I guess! 🙂

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