Rest day

A cloudy start today, the Mont Blanc massif taking on a completely different character this morning .. darker and a slightly menacing .. not very Heidi-like at all!

Flowers in the park

This all changed in the space of a few hours, the sun was out again by lunchtime, baking the cobbled streets. I spent most of the day lazing on a park bench in the shade, having a picnic lunch and doing a very difficult sudoku puzzle (which I failed at!). I did manage to complete The Times crossword, though.  

The handle is an actual HOOF 

Got up to stretch my legs and realised that there was a Friday market round the corner selling weird and wonderful things, none of which I could justify buying .. unlike the 4 Salomon S-Lab packs I’ve bought so far! All sorts of alpine-related souvenirs, lots and lots of ancient postcards (still trying to figure this one out), and bric-a-brac everywhere.

Confit de canard for dinner! 🙂

The town’s gotten much busier with a marked influx of tourists, climbers, hikers and runners. There’s a palpable air of anticipation building, the banana section in the supermarket has been cleaned out, and it’s not even the weekend yet. Everyone looks lean, mean, and ready to race, wish I felt the same!

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