Finally … an update!

Phew! It’s been over a week since my last post and all sorts of things got in the way. No sleep at all following the Desert King’s amazing race in Atacama .. (which he very convincingly won) .. the race updates were never on time and nail-bitingly exciting amidst a completely impractical time difference! Add a slew of work and a stinking cold to the mix and you have a very grumpy smurf. Ah well, I’ve come out the other side relatively unscathed (except for the Bottega Cabat-sized eyebags!) so all is pretty much on the up again.

I did manage a 13 mile test drive in my new running skirt on Sunday … what a revelation! Pics will follow when I get the chance. But seriously .. such a liberating experience! No more sweaty shorts sticking to the front of your legs .. no muffin top .. and I’m pretty sure I had an extra spring in my step because they felt great! I’m not sure how short they are when I’m actually running in them, and I was running at East Coast on a Sunday afternoon, but I did notice I got a lot of attention running past people .. definitely more than a normal cursory glance .. hopefully in a good way! I wasn’t even wearing the cheetah print one .. it was just black with purple panels down the side.

The main reason for trying the skirts was to eliminate any chafing issues during an ultra .. and 13 miles isn’t quite an acid test, but we’ll get there. The skirts come with their own little mesh bag for washing  in to keep the fabric protected .. well thought out! I’ll be back with a better review once I’ve done more miles in them, but no complaints so far! 🙂

Have a great weekend .. I’m pretty sure I will! (Despite having to work all of Saturday .. bah!)

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