Give it some beans!

“Give it some beans!”

First race of the year tomorrow, feels like it’s been ages. I wish I could say I’ll be bouncing up to the line for the start of the Tokyo Marathon tomorrow, or in the midst of the Bataan Death March 160km Ultra, but I’m going local this weekend for the NTUC U Run. It’s a flat 10k with a 31-storey climb .. no doubt that’ll be enough hard work for me given I’ve done bugger all for the last 4 weeks. 
Looking forward to it, though. I think it’ll be the perfect kick up the ass I need to get back into the groove for serious training again. I’ve taken runs this week quite tentatively given my recent attempt at flying … and happily everything seems to be working just fine. Not even veering off to the left anymore, yay! Best give it some beans tomorrow, then .. that’s the English equivalent encouraging phrases like ‘jia you’ (Chinese), ‘gambate’ (Japanese) or ‘vamos’ (Spanish). 
So to all those at the BDM, Tokyo Marathon, NTUC Run or if you’re just out for a run on your own, remember the beans!
Here’s something I came across with all that extra time on my hands over the last few weeks .. food for thought for the ultra-nuts out there! The Track Outback Race … 590km over 10 days … guess I’d better start looking at getting a bigger pack! 😉  

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