Right. That’s it. Yesterday I tried running for the first time in 11 days. Nearly a lifetime. I even dream about running at the moment. I lasted a tentatively steady 27 minutes before I had a huge sneeze that took my ribs right back to Square One. Of course I was in pain during my run, but that’s relative right? Certainly not enough pain to stop me trying. Until that blinking sneeze.
I really like sneezing, and this darn injury has taken the fun right out of even that. Bah. And then I spent all night in pain. Unadulterated pain as well, given the fact that I’ve got an allergic reaction to my lovely painkillers. Double Bah. Serves me right, I suppose. Impact injuries to the intercostal muscles are likely to take in the region of 2-6 weeks to heal. Some truths are just so hard to acknowledge. 
But how many athletes out there get back training before they’re fully healed? It’s not as if this was even a running injury. Felt a little better again today, but not much. Hurts when I breathe or laugh hard. Or sneeze. Will try running in the pool tomorrow. Won’t push the gym till after the weekend. 

If anyone’s got any suggestions, bring ’em on. Otherwise just shoot me. PLEASE.

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