Patience is a virtue …

Okay, so this is Day 4 of enforced rest following my ‘superman’ incident whilst kitesurfing on Saturday. All my bruises are varying shades of purple and green, and the pain is more bearable although I suspect my little pills of oblivion are playing a key role in that respect. My torso is still swollen and I’m discovering new bruises and small abrasions everyday. Glad I was wearing my helmet despite it’s zero glam factor. Gave in to the folks’ demands that I get myself x-rayed, and now I’m all clear. No broken bones, just a whole lot of bruising. The swelling round my torso is adding an extra 3 inches to my waistline. How very attractive. As if I needed anymore expansion there.

Been applying Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment to my cuts and grazes, especially the one on my forehead in a desperate attempt to heal it before Chinese New Year. No chance. Guess I’ll just have to hide behind an aunt with big hair for the reunion photo. However, the pawpaw stuff is pretty good and everything seems to be healing well, just not as fast as I’d like it to.

Most runners will be able to relate to the antsy feeling I’ve had for the last few days at not being able to get out for a run. I’m very rarely out of action through injury. Even if I am the injury is usually the result of me being accident-prone and falling into a ditch rather than from too much running. So this is driving me absolutely bonkers. The speed at which I’m moving is only marginally faster than a slow loris .. anything over 0.03km/h hurts like buggery.

Laced up my trainers this morning and made it as far as the lift lobby before having to turn round. Bah. Guess my convalescence requires a little patience. I’ll try again tomorrow. It’s hard to be patient when you’re itching to get out for a run, but then again how much damage are you doing by running before you’re fully recovered? I’m guessing my insides got a bit of a shock when I bounced off the ground, so maybe I should try a swim first .. that’s non-impact, right?

On the bright side, the lovely peeps at Pure Fitness have given me a year’s free gym membership yesterday .. one of the prizes from the Singapore Marathon I ran in December. Brilliant, except I’m in no shape to take advantage of it yet. Back to bloody being patient again. Bah.

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