Silver Linings

Okay so this weekend has definitely had it’s ups and downs! Absolutely delighted I managed get to Jason Bay for a day kitesurfing at last .. it’s been far too long since my last session, not to mention the NE monsoon is 3 months late!
It was pretty gusty though, and I thought I’d call it a day sometime in the early afternoon when I literally couldn’t hold on to my kite anymore. Got back on the beach and was trying to land it when I got lofted by a gust. Seriously. I don’t remember anything between the sudden panic at being unintentionally airborne and opening my eyes to find I’m lying on the cabin verandah with lots of concerned faces looking down at me. What the hell happened? Everything between my left shoulder and hip feels like I’ve been run over by a monster truck .. and I’ve got the bruises to prove it. I’ve even got a lump on my forehead despite wearing a helmet .. how am I going to explain this one to Mum? But I’m very grateful for all the help from the kite guys .. thanks, boys!
I’ve spent all day today in bed, dosed up with Nurofen (definitely helps!) and after a thorough check I’m pretty sure I haven’t actually broken anything. Just feels like I have! So yesterday I had about a 5 foot ‘up’ and an equal distance ‘down’ .. not quite the kind of airtime I’d expected when kiting!
Got an interesting email today, though! I was waitlisted for The North Face 100 in Australia .. a slot’s become available .. looks like my travel plans are going ballistic this year!
Signed up for a couple of local races as well since they sound a little more interesting than the usual road runs:
The Salomon Tiong Bahru Urban Trail Run (
and the organisers say: ” The inaugural Salomon Tiong Bahru Urban Trail Run 2011 will have participants to race and experience the Marang Trail which is 800 metres (2,600 ft) long and an elevation of 70 metres (230 ft). The trail consists of steps and shaded footpaths through secondary forest. It extends from Marang Road, just behind the HarbourFront MRT Station to the cable car station at the Jewel Box on Mount Faber. The run will bring participants through 6 overhead bridges which include the highest pedestian bridge in Singapore known as the Henderson Waves, standing at 36 metres (118 ft) above Henderson Road at 274-metre (899 ft) long pedestrian bridge providing a scenic view of the city to Telok Blangah Hill Park.
Also the NTUC Healthcare U Run, OMB race (
The blurb reads: “Outdo yourself in this year’s U Run with the OMB Challenge– a 10km run followed by a 31 storey climb up NTUC Centre! 10km Competitive Run and 5km Fun Run available too.
I figure I’m not going to get that much hill training in Singapore so I might as well take what I can get. I like competition. It gets too dull if I train for too long and haven’t felt the thrill of the chase for a while. 😉
Still, given my current state of semi-broken-ness, I’m hoping I’ll be back in my trainers by Tuesday. I’m hobbling round like a very old person at the moment and making age appropriate noises as well … this is NOT good! At least I’ve got some time to recover before UTMB! 😉
On a final note, a small amendment to my fantasy race calendar .. I’m swapping the Transalpine Race for the Cradle Crossing in Tasmania. (
I get an extra week to recover after UTMB and it looks gorgeous! Who’s coming?? 🙂

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