T minus 6

I thought today was the day entries for the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – http://www.ultratrailmb.com/) will be confirmed and I’ve had everything crossed since I registered last month. So it’s a huge anticlimax that I read the fine print and realise that if there’s a draw (in the event of oversubscription), then the draw will be on January 18th. Gah. Patience is a virtue I’ve had little experience with. Oh well, best get on with the training then.

This year I’ve tweaked my training to include more speed sessions in the hope that they will compensate for the lack of hills here. There’s no way I could ever hope to simulate the mountainous terrain of Mont Blanc here so I’ll have to get a little creative instead!
I’m off to Milan for work tonight and the prospect of running in sub-zero temperatures doesn’t exactly appeal at the moment. My work schedule is such that I’ll have to do my runs in the early hours of the morning … now, where did I put those heat packs?

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